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AMC Global Associates is an exclusive distributor of LUXFER For Pakistan. We provide our resellers with only the top quality products, at very competitive prices. Please see below LUXFER product  details

Luxfer Graphic Arts offers a full range of pre-sensitized magnesium, copper and zinc plates, along with associated chemicals, for the production of foil-stamping and embossing dies. Non-sensitized polished brass and magnesium plates are also available for computer numerical control (CNC) engraving. Our newest offering is Hydro-Solve® spray resist for improved micro-etch results using the double-etching technique. We can also advise on turnkey engraving operations, complete with etching machines, computer-to-plate (CtP) machines, exposure units and film setters.

With manufacturing plants in Madison, Illinois USA and Manchester England, as well as an extensive worldwide distribution network, we provide unparalleled product selection, quality, innovation and service to the photoengraving industry.


With excellent oxidation resistance, zinc is commonly used for cost-effective production of plaques, awards, signage, nameplates, foil stamping, intaglio and letterpress. Luxfer Graphic Arts Premium Triplemetal® Zinc starts with the highest-grade zinc spelter and combines precision traces of aluminum and magnesium to produce a smoother etch. Thermal flattening and annealing ensure a uniform, flat character …


Luxfer Graphic Arts Premium Copper brand has set the industry standard in copper engraving technology for nearly two centuries, offering high-end engravers the premium-grade copper necessary for the most sophisticated requirements. Cross-rolled and thermally flattened, our uniformly stress-relieved copper yields a harder, flatter engraving plate. Gauge and finish tolerances are strictly monitored to provide the …


BRASS ENGRAVING PLATES Luxfer Graphic Arts Precision Brass plates produce sophisticated three-dimensional dies for sculptured embossing and combination embossing/foil-stamping dies. Brass is popular worldwide for CNC engraving. Luxfer also offers brass with photoresist coating for chemical etching. Luxfer Graphic Arts Precision Brass is a special alloy produced specifically for machine and hand engraving. Hot-rolled, milled …


Luxfer Graphic Arts has produced the industry standard in photoengraving plates for nearly four decades. The quality starts in Madison, Illinois with photoengraving grade magnesium alloy cast into 3,500 pound (1,600 kilogram) high purity slabs. Each slab is processed using a series of large rolling mills and then thermally flattened for dimensional stability. The magnesium …


Mega Etch™ 120, 45 and 60 magnesium etching machines are specifically designed and built to ensure the stability and performance of a traditional etching machine. We also offer many modern innovations, including start-up timers and a touch-screen control panel for initial set up. The bath, outer casing and framework are all constructed of stainless steel, …


CHEMICAL SUNDRIES Luxfer Graphic Arts also offers products to help engravers produce quality results. Plate protectors help promote true-image lines and a smooth etch, while specially formulated top removers strip off any remaining photoresist coating after etching. Among our products are Express Guard® plate protector/wetting agent, Hydro-Coat® top remover and Hydro-Solve® coating remover. DEVELOPER CHEMICALS …

Geological Survey Calibration Blocks

Magnesium Elektron is the world leader in the development and supply of highly functional magnesium alloys. Magnesium Elektron’s A31B Calibration Blocks have been supplied into the Oil and Gas Industry since density logging was developed in the 1950’s. Paired with matching aluminum blocks, Magnesium Calibration Blocks are used to calibrate borehole logging tools that measure …

Magnesium Battery Strip

The chemical and metallurgical of all Luxfer Electrochemical alloys are carefully controlled to provide optimum properties. This optimization results in rapid activation and short voltage transience on switching between loads. This makes the magnesium material suitable for high demands required by military and aviation battery applications. The Elektron Electrochemical alloys supplied by Luxfer MRP are …

Magnesium Engineering Plate and Sheet

Luxfer MRP is the largest, fully integrated magnesium alloy plate, sheet and coil facility in the world. Located in Madison, Illinois, across the Mississippi River from St. Louis, Missouri, we operates four rolling mills with a capacity of 10,000 metric tons per year. Luxfer MRP’s plate and sheet fall under three categories: Spec Grade Heavy …

Elektron Magnesium Tooling Plate

Tooling plate is specially produced to provide a flat plate surface with moderate strength and ductility. The production process results in plate with exceptional dimensional stability in machining and remains stable over time. There is sufficient ductility for limited room temperature forming combined with weldability to allow the manufacture of a multitude of complex parts. …

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