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Luxfer Graphic Arts has led the magnesium industry since our company was founded in 1935 at Swinton, England.

Luxfer Graphic Arts is a manufacturer and supplier of Graphic Arts products, as well as a manufacturer of magnesium sheet and plate. As such, the company has two clear personas; it is a product supplier to Graphic Arts market and end users, and it provides lightweight engineering solutions via the use of magnesium sheet and plate.

Luxfer Graphic Arts strives to service our customers with result-based solutions that are driven by our core values of: customer first, accountability, innovation, integrity, teamwork and personal development. These lead us to lasting partnerships that create strong growth for both our customers and ourselves.


Luxfer Graphic Arts offers a full range of pre-sensitized magnesium, copper and zinc plates, along with associated chemicals, for the production of foil-stamping and embossing dies. Non-sensitized polished brass and magnesium plates are also available for computer numerical control (CNC) engraving. Our newest offering is Hydro-Solve® spray resist for improved micro-etch results using the double-etching technique. We can also advise on turnkey engraving operations, complete with etching machines, computer-to-plate (CtP) machines, exposure units and film setters. With manufacturing plants in Madison, Illinois USA and Manchester England, as well as an extensive worldwide distribution network, we provide unparalleled product selection, quality, innovation and service to the photoengraving industry. For further details, pls refer to below link;


With excellent oxidation resistance, zinc is commonly used for cost-effective production of plaques, awards, signage, nameplates, foil stamping, intaglio and letterpress. Our zinc plates are available pre-sensitized with Hydro-Coat® or POS-E-ZINC (Conta)® coatings. Non-sensitized (“polished”) sheets are also available. Combined with Hydro-Coat® and POS-E (Conta)® developers specifically designed for each coating, our system efficiently produces excellent results.


Precision Magnesium Engraving Plates are available pre-sensitized with traditional Red Top™ and Hydro-Solve® photoresist. Our designed chemical products function together to produce optimum results for shallow or deep etching.



Luxfer Graphic Arts Precision Brass plates produce sophisticated three-dimensional dies for sculptured embossing and combination embossing/foil-stamping dies. Brass is popular worldwide for CNC engraving. Luxfer also offers brass with photoresist coating for chemical etching. Luxfer Graphic Arts Precision Brass is a special alloy produced specifically for machine and hand engraving. Hot-rolled, milled to ensure surface integrity, cold-rolled to the tightest tolerances, flattened and stress-relieved, Precision Brass comes in two finishes and gauge tolerances


Luxfer Graphic Arts Premium Copper brand has set the industry standard in copper engraving technology for nearly two centuries, offering high-end engravers the premium-grade copper necessary for the most sophisticated requirements. Cross-rolled and thermally flattened, our uniformly stress-relieved copper yields a harder, flatter engraving plate. Gauge and finish tolerances are strictly monitored to provide the copper engraver with unparalleled quality and consistency. Copper is ideal for long-run jobs demanding high-precision fine details, whether for single or multi-level embossing or debossing dies, foil stamping, or intaglio engraving. Copper also offers a prestige look for architectural signage and award plaques. Our copper plates are available with Hydro-Solve® or POS-E-COP (Conta)® coatings. Non-sensitized (“polished”) sheets are also available. Our Copper-Chem® is a laboratory-grade, precision-blended package of low-dusting, safer-to-use etch additive powders. Our superior Test Target clearly conveys additive strength and ensures additive addition accuracy to within five grams through a mathematical formula. Combined with developers specifically designed for each coating, our system produces high-end results efficiently and consistently.



Luxfer Graphic Arts supplies developer solutions specially formulated for each photoresist coating offered on our precision-made photoengraving plates. Products include a solvent-based developer for our traditional Red Top™ magnesium photoengraving plates, as well as aqueous-based developers tailored to Hydro-Solve® magnesium, Hydro-Coat® copper, zinc and brass and POS-E-COPPER (Conta) and ZINC.

  • Magnesium MD developer—Solvent-based developer for use with Red Top™ magnesium photoengraving plates.
  • Hydro-Solve® developer concentrate—Aqueous-based developer for use with Hydro-Solve® magnesium photoengraving plates.
  • Hydro-Coat® cold developer concentrate—Aqueous-based developer for use with Hydro-Coat® copper, zinc or brass photoengraving plates.
  • Hydro-Coat® hot developer concentrate—Aqueous-based developer for use with Hydro-Coat® copper, zinc or brass photoengraving plates.
  • POS-E-Plate® developer—Aqueous-based developer for use with POS-E Conta® copper and zinc photoengraving plates.


Luxfer Graphic Arts also offers products to help engravers produce quality results. Plate protectors help promote true-image lines and a smooth etch, while specially formulated top removers strip off any remaining photoresist coating after etching. Among our products are Express Guard® plate protector/wetting agent, Hydro-Coat® top remover and Hydro-Solve® coating remover.


Luxfer Graphic Arts offers Hydro-Solve® spray resist in an aerosol can, as well as Hydro-Solve® and Hydro-Coat® photoresists in liter bottles, to engravers for use in re-coating metals. These resists can be applied to magnesium, zinc and copper photoengraving plates.



Mega Etch™ 120, 45 and 60 magnesium etching machines are specifically designed and built to ensure the stability and performance of a traditional etching machine. We also offer many modern innovations, including start-up timers and a touch-screen control panel for initial set up. The bath, outer casing and framework are all constructed of stainless steel, and maintainable mechanical parts and motors are easily sourced. All electrical components are certified to meet worldwide electrical power specifications. The etcher has instant access and complete control over cooling, heating and paddle speed via the stand-alone, user-friendly control panel. We also provide links to companies that offer other equipment and services related to etching, engraving, die-making and graphic finishing.

DOWNLOADS: MegaEtch Etching Machine

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